These sculptures were a thrill to make.  Each individual shape was initially free handed on the band-saw, with no preconceived ideas of how they might turn out, before they were sculpted and assembled together.  They are now on permanent display in the lobby of a commercial building in Walnut Creek. 


This piece was featured on the postcard for College Night at the De Young and displayed in the main lobby of the museum on November 14th, 2008.  It is a kinetic wood sculpture that allows for the top portion to rotate 360 degrees, changing the dynamic of the piece depending on it's orientation.  The materials used are redwood for the base and poplar and acrylic for the sculpture.

Sculpture on display in Buenos Aires, Argentina

This is one of two sculptures I built last February in Buenos Aires, but left the country before I ever had a chance to see on display.  My friend Ernesto (Japo) and I worked everyday for two weeks in a funky shop in the outskirts of BA using only recycled materials and whatever tools happened to be lying around.  Suffice to say it was a challenging experience that I will never forget.


I recently completed a remodel of the lobby of an apartment building at 101 Broderick and Haight in San Francisco.  It was a completely new and challenging experience for me that had several ups and downs throughout.  But in the end, I was happy with the final result, and had the opportunity to design and build two additions for the lobby.  The first was a long and narrow lobby table and the second was a simple but elegant mirror frame.  Both the mirror and the table were built from high quality plyboo left over from wall panelling.


California Burning was painted specifically for a show put on by the Pacific Art Collective in San Jose.  The theme of the exhibition dealt with social change and the environment, so I decided to address the rampant forest fires that were raging throughout California this past summer.  The frame, which I built out of recycled two by fours, was intentionally burnt in a bonfire at Ocean beach in San Francisco.

BIGGIE - RED - 18'' x 24''

This Biggie silk-screen print came out of the days when I was living in Brooklyn, New York and studying at the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan.  This print eventually became a t-shirt which was worn by members of the production crew for the new Notorious B.I.G Movie.